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Sleepwalking webpage

new incarnation of the Sleepwalking webpage going up sometime tonight.  this is a major step for us, as it will be the first time the film webpage will feature verbs.*  i can't wait to really

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God in the garbage? RT @WIRED: http://bit.ly/8AkAL1

from WIRED: Accept Defeat: The Neuroscience of Screwing Up have faith in failure.  especially when it comes to building a team or the creative process, value mistakes, embrace them.  i always encourage young filmmakers to fail

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Sleepwalking – pre-production

sleepwalking.parabolos.com parabolos is well into pre-production on Sleepwalking, a 20-minute short film that serves in many ways as a great test run for a lot of the processes we've been developing for a while.  we're

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who the heck am i?

you may be asking yourself the same question.  i mean, not about yourself, but about me.  so it would be a different question, as it would be in 2nd person, and not come off as

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parabolos portable production

over the next few weeks, i'll be doing a series on parabolos portable production.  the past few films i've worked on have allowed me to realize the possibility of modern technology to really revolutionize the

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blog design

boy i sure don't know anything about html or css or any of that stuff, but somehow i was able to modify this wordpress theme to make it like how i'd like it.  if you

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Tekeme Studios

Tekeme Studios ps - George and Ashley are also great web designers

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