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Sleepwalking directorial

man… what a week…

i’m really drained, but the good kind.  i will sleep like a baby tonight!  a baby that sleeps well… through the night for 8 hours or more… and then wakes up without crying and can fix french toast for itself.


i’ve now met with all of the actors for the show, and i’m so excited to be working with all of them.  everyone who auditioned brought something special with them, but these four really captured the characters we were looking for, and they have great chemistry together.  i laughed a lot while watching Patrick (Rob) harass James (Jackson) while raking leaves.  i was encouraged to see how directable James was in a little roleplay with Patrick as brooding, self-absorbed Rob.  Nia (the Teacher) and i shared stories over some hot java at the local commercial coffee establishment.  then Jenn (Angela), James, and i had a lot of fun today wandering around the Children’s Museum of Memphis, which is actually a pretty cool little place for kids (of all ages).  thanks to jessica powers, parabolos team member and fellow producer, for setting up all of the casting stuff with pretty much no help from me that wasn’t forced out of me.

since then, i’ve been sitting at said local commercial coffee establishment working on directorial.  i’ve gotten some overhead templates done and started my lined script, certainly a far cry from being done, but at least it has begun, which is a good feeling.  as a director, i really like to have everything planned out as much as possible in pre-production.  my philosophy is that the film is made in pre-production, that includes the directing.  i will direct the camera on paper before hand, and that will free me up on set to work with actors and concentrate on performances.  my AD, fellow parabolos team member john boggs (aka boggsy), will take the plan and work with my DP and the rest of the crew to get things ready with as little assistance from me as necessary.  will it actually play out that way?  it usually doesn’t, but the more we try for that, the smoother things will go.  sorry, more smoothly.  smoothlier?

ok, time to pack everything up and head back to the house to play with the dogs and crash out.


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