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House, LOST, Community, and jumping the proverbial shark

from the Fonz literally jumping the shark on that fateful episode of Happy Days to Barry Zuckerkorn's subtle homage on Arrested Development, television viewers have discussed the concept now known as "jumping the shark". it's

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Apple TV will be a hobby for a while.

Apple unveiled its new iPod lineup today, and Steve's "one more thing" was a long-awaited refresh of Apple TV. while quite a few people seem to be excited about this tiny, sleek new incarnation of

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the sky is falling on indie film

or so says Mark Gill, CEO of The Film Department (and former President of Miramax Films). this insightful article really hits some key points right on the nose. (more…)

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who the heck am i?

you may be asking yourself the same question.  i mean, not about yourself, but about me.  so it would be a different question, as it would be in 2nd person, and not come off as

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