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smart home, smart office

as a freelancer, i outsource anything i can to make life simpler. grocery and food delivery comes at an added cost, and of course i have to pay if i want someone to take care

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JICL: Partners in the Journey – Mickey & Dickie Newman

after spending time at Journeys in Community Living last year developing their fundraising video, i was delighted to make a new product for this year's fundraiser. we decided to start sharing stories of JICL individuals

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Greenhouse Ministries Game Day 2018

it was my pleasure to produce a new video for the Greenhouse Ministries 2018 Game Day event. this 6-minute video played at the fundraising dinner to show how important the community is to Greenhouse‘s mission.

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my favorite piece i made while at North Boulevard was this spot for our television program "Peace": https://vimeo.com/143889624 the problem it may surprise you that i don't like watching "television". i put that in quotes,

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if you aren’t using video, here’s all the money you’re losing

January is over. did you use video last month? did you show people what you’re working on? what you’re building? who you’re working with? did you increase your reach by clearly communicating who you serve?

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can i afford to have video?

i know. i see that look in your eyes. i see it all the time. even with business owners, but especially in the eyes of non-profits and ministries. you know a video would very much

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clarity: building a bridge to your audience

my team and i have helped several non-profits and ministries tell their story over the years, many of whom have been active for decades. being around for that many years can lead to a few things.

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