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can i afford to have video?

i know. i see that look in your eyes.

i see it all the time. even with business owners, but especially in the eyes of non-profits and ministries. you know a video would very much increase your reach, help clearly explain what your organization does, and keep your services in the minds of the people you hope to serve.

but good video comes with a price tag that seems out of reach for the tight budgets with which non-profits and churches often deal. it brings a mix of financial anxiety and wishful thinking all at once.

“if only… but alas…”

let me set your eyes at ease by giving you two things to think about.

you’re losing money if you don’t have video.

without something that quickly and clearly communicates your heart into this media-saturated world, you are potentially leaving thousands of dollars on the table in donations, ignoring hundreds of hours from eager volunteers, and (worst of all) closing the door on people who may desperately need your services. the first of these is actual cash, while the latter two show donors your effectiveness. most people are willing to give to great causes, but only if they can see for certain that their money is going to work as hard as it can. even when you work as hard as you can, donors can’t see it unless you have a video to show it.

time and time again, i’ve seen that fear-tinged, hope-filled glimmer in the eyes of a new client when reviewing the quote, only to come back after the fundraising event to say they easily made back what they spent on the video and more. that new look of confidence and gratitude always makes it worth it for us to work our hardest.

see what we’ve done, and feel free to ask our clients for yourselves. we want you to have the utmost confidence in our endeavor together.

so by now you’re thinking, “sounds good, but how will we pay for it in the first place?”

maybe it doesn’t have to come out of your budget.

i don’t want you to spend your time nail biting and penny pinching. i want you to do what you do best, serve your clients and customers. if you’re a non-profit or ministry and you want some video advertising strategy or some high-end cinematic production, i’m offering this to you: introduce me to your three largest donors. let me make a case on your behalf.

so get in touch with us.

initial assessments are free to you, so even if you’re not sure if you’re ready, let’s go ahead and talk. it will give us both some new ideas to think about for a while. and if you are ready, it’s the first step to a bigger reach, and it’s risk-free.

can you afford to have video? you can’t afford not to.


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