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sketches from Scripture are very short, first-draft stories inspired by snippets of Scripture, written by author and filmmaker paul andrew skidmore.

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God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

it’s Saturday night, Christmas Eve, 1955 at the Continental Air Defense Command Center in Colorado Springs. a minimal crew, including Airman First Class David Michaels, is holding down the fort (makeshift Christmas party included) when the red phone rings…

this story is based on real events that occurred December 1955. some of the details are public knowledge, a matter of public record, and historically verifiable.

other details have never been presented to the public, until now. according to officials from the United States and the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, these portions of the story never happened…

“God, kill me.”

Guin has decided to take her own life, believing it to be the only escape from her lonely depression and debilitating hopelessness. with everything planned, she wants to say goodbye to a few friends, joining them for a weekend fly fishing retreat. when she gets paired up with expert fly fisherman Roy as her mentor, their conversation and time together challenges Guin’s perspectives and complicates her decision…

“the darkness rolled over her” is a short story by author and filmmaker paul andrew skidmore. if you struggle with depression and hopelessness, this story was written as a gift to you, something to hold on to. for friends and family of those who suffer, it will help you understand what the person you love is going through.

if you want friends for life, check out Five Coffees and a Book. it’s an easy way to talk about hard things.

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ciao bella

traveling alone in Italy, i was lost and ill-prepared when i met the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen.


after a fight with his wife Annie, Arthur wakes up alone, resentful. determined to fill the day with his own druthers, Arthur instead finds himself trapped, injured, and hunted by a deadly beast.

“kindling” is a short story by filmmaker and author paul andrew skidmore and will take you about 35 minutes to enjoy.

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