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if you aren’t using video, here’s all the money you’re losing

January is over. did you use video last month?

did you show people what you’re working on? what you’re building? who you’re working with?

did you increase your reach by clearly communicating who you serve? what you sell? the change you hope to bring to the world?

when someone needed your services, were you the first person they thought of? when someone came into a little extra cash, did they immediately think to donate it to your cause? when someone wanted to help, did they call you to sign up?

hey, don’t sweat it, 2018 is just getting started. i can help you answer yes to all of these questions with a Video Playbook.

the Video Playbook

a Video Playbook helps you clarify your message, focus your audience, and plan your communication. a two-day workshop will walk you through the right questions to get the right message for the right audience. get in touch today to get started.

many modern organizations and businesses can benefit from low-cost video they can produce themselves, but few have a plan to do so. this leads to few videos, old videos, unconnected videos. instead, you could have a plan for easy-to-produce regular content, staying in front of your best audience, and building interest leading up to key events or product launches.

if you don’t have a video playbook, you’re losing money. make one yourself, or get in touch with me and let me help you leap the learning-curve hurdles by asking the right questions to get you going.

it’s not a “new year” any more. if you’re not bringing in leads and closing deals, it’s time to make a plan.


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