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God in the garbage? RT @WIRED: http://bit.ly/8AkAL1

from WIRED:

Accept Defeat: The Neuroscience of Screwing Up

have faith in failure.  especially when it comes to building a team or the creative process, value mistakes, embrace them.  i always encourage young filmmakers to fail as often as possible in the beginning.  much better to fail on a 5-minute class project than on a $20,000 short after you graduate.  what many try to dismiss as useless or a waste of time may actually be the very thing that makes you a better filmmaker… better than you are now, maybe better than those filmmakers you already admire.

i hope that you read the article.  be sure to read the introduction and conclusion if nothing else.  i also hope you read into the article, seeing the implications to your personal process, work ethic, talent, and ego.  Kevin Dunbar, the researcher mentioned in the main body of the article learned what was told long ago, that the light of the universe shines best through the cracks of a well-worn jar of clay.

special thanks to Jonah Lehrer at WIRED, who wrote this article.  hope he doesn’t mind me reposting the link, or including the picture below.

how to learn from failure - Jonah Lehrer

how to learn from failure - Jonah Lehrer


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