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liking the pomodoro technique so far. can see that i’ll still have trouble deciding which line item to do next.

also i’ve noticed that i don’t have too many problems focusing on one thing for 25 minutes. it’s the break inbetween that kills me. it ends up being like an hour or two or something. granted i’m usually continuing to be productive in one way or another, but it’s going to require some focus to stop every 25 minutes. relax for a few, and then pick a new line item.

more refining to be done, but i definitely got a lot done today. after i overslept, anyway. gotta start setting a sunday alarm. i just don’t end up getting up early enough to do what i want before leaving the house, and then it throws off the whole day.

bedroom is cleaned. laundry is done. scout bags are packed. kitchen is mostly clean. bathroom, also mostly clean. ok more laundry to be folded while the dogs eat dinner. then dinner then shopping. then back home for more work!


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