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tried pomodoro yesterday in a staff setting. completely different dynamic, which in turn of course presents an entirely new set of issues.

several times, questions interrupted my session in the morning, but i felt they were things i had to answer or it would keep others from working. other than that, though, i did not experience any distractions and was able to use my iPhone as a laptop basically, which is cool. when my laptop finally gives out, which may be soon i fear, i’ll likely go with an iMac or Mac mini, though the portability of the MBP is nice. big problem is, I’m going to need some serious cash to get ANY kind of new computer, and that’s a problem.

another problem yesterday was not having a real master timer, other than the clock. when things came up like setting up a new account for vorgity, suddenly the entire day was thrown off. i suppose that’s the value of the first four months of the business plan— we all work on getting everything up and running with as few kinks as possible so that when production comes, everything goes relatively smoothly with fewer distractions or interruption due to things not working or having to figure things out.

brief devo this morning, meet with melton, then headed to nashville to babysit my nieces. i will have three female dogs and three female children under my wing tonight. zoinks.


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