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enjoyed Thanksgiving with the family in murfreesboro this year. wasn’t anything that wasn’t delicious. now ready to go to the farm to make plans for Dave’s visit with parabolos. thank You, God, for all things—

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tried pomodoro yesterday in a staff setting. completely different dynamic, which in turn of course presents an entirely new set of issues. several times, questions interrupted my session in the morning, but i felt they

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liking the pomodoro technique so far. can see that i’ll still have trouble deciding which line item to do next. also i’ve noticed that i don’t have too many problems focusing on one thing for

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just finished a few pomodoro items and can see it being very beneficial as far as getting things done. i still need to prioritize, however, perhaps by combing with Stephen Covey’s urgent/important matrix. will work

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pomodoro technique

i (sort of) started using pomodoro technique today.  i can see that it will be influential, but I’m obviously not very good at it yet. first things first, i need to make a list of the

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i started this blog as a place to share information about filmmaking, workflow, productivity, etc.  i hope those who come here are informed or, at least, entertained.  i also hope they will get involved, ask

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