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the ex, her son, and our photo album

the following is fiction. fiction — though rarely factual — is often True. "oh... hi." "hi!" the next thing was a pause. i know it was probably only a split-second, but it felt like an

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Kate’s song – a short screenplay

here's an interpretive exercise for directors: pick a song, poem, hymn, or psalm (preferably at random... open a book, eyes closed, and point your finger, e.g.). craft a story that demonstrates visually and audibly the

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by lunchtime, i found myself with, for the first time in years, absolutely nothing to do. so i decided i'd return to one of my favorite places — downtown Memphis — and be a tourist.

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Owen, Dewan, and me

as with many of the stories i will post here, this story may be rooted in some truth like all fiction, but is still fiction. and though it may be in first person, the narrator

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canine dreams

  i love watching Mathilda sleep. she does it with as much intensity as she does everything else. looking at her, it's hard to remember she's only 18 months old, but her behavior is very

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