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digital meeting etiquette

Ben Brooks breaks down some excellent thoughts over at the Brooks Review about meetings in today’s digital age, particularly with regard to using iPad.

it’s such an excellent post. i made a few notes, swapping out the apps i use for the apps he uses for the same purpose.

for remote login to my computer (and therefore my home server), i use the free service LogMeIn and the associated (not free) iOS app, LogMeIn Ignition. it’s not necessarily better than other options (there are certainly much cheaper options available for remote login), but i’ve been using LogMeIn for a long time and bought the iOS app very soon after it came out. personally, it’s already paid for itself, so i have no need to look elsewhere.

for pretty much any kind of doodle, i use SketchBook Pro, though his selections for doodle apps are more targeted. also, Adobe Ideas is free, and Layers is a bit cheaper than SketchBook. again, this has more to do with the fact that i run SketchBook on my iPhone and Macs as well.

and for those online meetings, here’s a quick guide to setting up your A/V in various OSX applications. i include it, mainly for its closing line:

“make sure you’re wearing pants, just in case you need to stand up suddenly.”

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