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May 31

just a reminder that i occasionally review film-related apps for macgasm’s readership has really shot up over the last few months as more and more people recognize it as a site with great writing about Apple news, products, and apps. and they still let me write for them anyway.

here’s a permalink to all my articles if you want to bookmark them.

also, @macgasm tweets new posts, and i try to retweet my reviews and articles, but don’t always.

May 23

a better headline might be “Movie Magic Scheduling iPad app escapes.” this app is more like proof of concept than really usable on set. good thing it’s $30. we can do better than this. someone can do better than this.

read my in-depth, slightly scathing review over at macgasm.  included in my review of the app is a look at software for the film industry (and other professional industries) as a whole.

let’s go, bananaman. you better get on the stick.

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