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Movie Magic Scheduling releases iPad app

a better headline might be “Movie Magic Scheduling iPad app escapes.” this app is more like proof of concept than really usable on set. good thing it’s $30. we can do better than this. someone can do better than this.

read my in-depth, slightly scathing review over at macgasm.  included in my review of the app is a look at software for the film industry (and other professional industries) as a whole.

let’s go, bananaman. you better get on the stick.


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  • Peter | 11.12.23

    Good and fair review of what could be a very useful tool for production professionals.
    I’ve used MMS on my mac for over 10 years and was very disappointed to see the limitations of MMS to go – Hardly worth the £18 it costs to buy app, certainly doesn’t justify £400 for the iPad!
    There are other programs (like SHOTLIST) which show greater promise as stand alone products but MMS needs to be able to sync properly to be better than pdf of schedule and iAnnotate…

    • skidmore | 11.12.23

      agreed, Peter.

      i hope this new mobile environment would really push the big companies to innovate.

      but, as 2011 comes to a close, still no Final Draft app (what should essentially be a glorified word processor), for example. iOS has been out in the wild for over 4 years, and still basically nothing of quality from the big guys — in many cases, nothing at all.

      and unfortunately, the smaller guys just haven’t risen up yet to really create something robust and powerful for people ingrained in decades of “industry-standard” processes and software.

      here’s hope for 2012.

      my only disagreement with you might be that the iPad isn’t worth the cash just because MMS is a bad app. my iPad has become an indispensable tool for me, and i can’t imagine being on set without it.

      thanks for reading. where do you hail from? you’re in the film business, i take it?

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