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Nov 02

a short film i DP’d for producer/writer/director and friend Dan Baker is available for viewing online.  it’s called Before the Morning, and you can see it here. be sure and watch it full screen in HD!

we shot it in 24P HD on a Canon 5D in two days in Memphis, TN. it was used as part of a Hope Presbyterian sermon series, i believe.  Dan’s a great director and editor, and this film shows it! follow him on twitter if you like.

one response to “Before the Morning”

  1. Wow, Paul. I’m still wiping tears out of my eyes from that one…very touching piece. I love the way you used the natural and practical lights in that one; you really do paint with lights! After watching you work this weekend and seeing this, I’m really seeing a pattern of your use of light as a color palette. Very impressive, and very effective. Great work!

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