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Apr 30

i’d say most people currently reading my blog already know this, but i’ll be doing a workshop tomorrow (may 1st) at the Biola Media Conference! i’m really excited, and honored and humbled to be listed among so many talented and respected industry leaders.  check out the full speaker list here.

in addition to my workshop on parabolos portable production, i’ll also be doing a twitter interview, or “twinterview,” so check out the details here.  you may have some great questions for one of the speakers, so submit it as soon as possible and be watching for the answer tomorrow.

doing some last minute tweaks to my Keynote. will be posting a followup sometime shortly after the conference is over… could be as late as Monday afternoon… it’s gonna be a full weekend… see you on the other side!

2 responses to “Biola Media Conference”

  1. Mike Woodard says:

    Hey Paul,

    Met you on Saturday at your workshop– I’m the guy who gave you the short “Sunshine Deprivation Blues”. For me, your workshop was the most informative and relevant of the conference, thanks again for all the great insight and resources.

    Quick question: would an iPod Touch be a good second choice over the iPhone for a production tool? I know I would lose the telecommunication ability, but can I still get most of the same apps you covered at the workshop? I’m not sure if I can afford the iPhone/payment plan just yet? Should I just wait until I can?

    Thanks, Paul

    Mike Woodard
    Stratia Videoworks

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