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ECMO Advantage has been one of my favorite clients of the last few years. the team is awesome to work with, and the training, staffing, and consulting they do is literally saving lives. they’ve been on the front lines during the Covid-19 pandemic, and they’ve got a fantastic facility and training program to provide the best care out there.

i can’t show a lot of our work, because it’s their proprietary training content, but we had a blast doing it. 20+ scenario videos, shot narrative style — not quite Grey’s Anatomy or House, but it looked great nevertheless. we’re now working on some 360º VR training, and more videos to come in the future. the media content we’re helping these guys create is incredible, and i love making the best content in their business every chance we have.

besides the video content, i’ve also helped them with a lot of the video/audio/computer installations, re-vamping existing installs and putting in brand new gear — everything from getting mics working to live-streaming their training across the country. we put together the shopping cart, do the install, and then train the staff how to use and troubleshoot.

if you also need technical advice or high-quality video production, please get in touch.