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Air Video for iOS: part i – watch DVDs remotely

as money from various projects trickles in, i am constantly tweaking and adding to my home tech setup. the latest setup allows me to view my DVD collection over wifi in my home, over remote

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videophile pro tip: disable iOS’s YouTube app

YouTube's web app is superior to the iOS YouTube app. on my iPhone 4 and iPad, i've disabled the iOS app, opting to use the web app instead. instructions on how to do this are

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Chrome to drop h.264 support

I think Chairman Gruber asks the right questions, namely: "5. Who is happy about this?" (more…)

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my interview on Michigan Film Reel

check out this short interview i did in Grand Rapids this past weekend. after my two-hour seminar for the GR film community, we headed over to McFadden's for a quick bite, and i recapped some

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can i run FCP on the new MacBook Air?

well, the first question is, why would you want to? but i'll answer that in a minute. (more…)

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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab will be iPad’s first real competitor

see the commercial here. looks fun! the connectivity will be a huge plus for buyers, if the price point is good. my friend Stephen Hackett over at forkbombr links to some great info on the

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hulu plus on iPad needs work. (update: and gets some!)

i was really stoked when hulu plus was announced. hulu was really the only video the iPad was missing for me, as everything else i watched had either created an app (e.g., ABC, Netflix) or

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