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Apr 28

last night i had the incredible honor of being invited to come and guest teach a class at USC’s School for the Cinematic Arts. my good friend and colleague Jim O’Keeffe teaches one of the first-year undergrad production sections, and wanted me to share with his class about some of the emerging technology stuff i’ve been prattling on about. i found some public parking near campus and dodged all the cyclists on my way to the new $178m facilities. the new George Lucas building is gorgeous, like something out of an Indiana Jones movie.

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Feb 13

parabolos is well into pre-production on Sleepwalking, a 20-minute short film that serves in many ways as a great test run for a lot of the processes we’ve been developing for a while.  we’re working out the kinks in protocol, advertising, communication… and we’re one of the few groups of people i know actually using google wave.  it’s still in beta, but has become a great tool for us.  i really hope google and apple can keep their relationship amicable.  that would make me a happy little filmmaker.

you can click on the link above for a teaser site.  featured near the bottom is the paypal Donate button; if you’d like to contribute to our film production, we’d gladly thank you!  i’ll posting every now and then over the next few weeks with updates about the production, and we’ll have a full website for the film up and running before too long.

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