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Feb 28

many of you are aware that i often write articles for Macgasm. for many of my app reviews, features on Apple hardware and software, and thoughts on the future of tech, i often post on Joshua Schnell’s respected blog instead of here, since his readership is basically more in a day than i get in a year. Josh is kind to indulge. plus, it leaves me free to use this space to think purely about film technique and process.

if you’re at all interested in Apple stuff, and you’d like to hear our snarky opinions on everything (WHO WOULDN’T?!), give a few clicks.  the comments are often where it’s at, so read and participate.

a few shortcuts

you can find any of my Macgasm articles at

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Feb 20

new incarnation of the Sleepwalking webpage going up sometime tonight.  this is a major step for us, as it will be the first time the film webpage will feature verbs.*  i can’t wait to really spend some time on the website after production is over.  i think it’s going to be really cool.

but feel free to go ahead and check out the site now.  it’ll give me something to look at when i refresh my Google analytics dashboard tomorrow.  also, be sure and click on the button that says “Donate” and do WHATEVER IT TELLS YOU.  thanks.

one last thing!  if you’re an iPhone owner, add to your home screen… we made a little custom button for it.  we did the same for the parabolos website as well.

* – i’m aware “donate” is a verb.  that was more a Steve Martin** reference than anything else.
** – Steve Martin the stand-up comedian, not the Final Cut Suite Trainer as featured on, though that Steve Martin is also amazing at what he does.

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