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the expiration date on “sensitivity”

"the more you noodle this over, the more meaningless this seemingly thoughtful gesture becomes." - Jeff Jensen,   (h/t Kevin Mathis and Plugged-In)

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two psalms

psalm 23 comforting. peaceful. serene. psalm 39 lost. distraught. pleading. two different scenes. two different attitudes. two different tones. two different emotions. one author. David.   (more…)

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who’s the most important person in the filmmaking process?

the producer? the writer? the director? (more…)

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sunday morning – director’s commentary

since there are way too many things to say about this film to fit into the five-and-a-half minute runtime, i thought a written commentary would be better. the following goes through the entire sunday morning

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sunday morning

for two months, i devoted most of my waking hours to thinking about, shooting, writing, planning, editing, or watching the following project, commissioned of me by the church i attend, North Boulevard church of Christ.

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stripper’s surprise

years ago, we were shooting some 2nd unit stuff for a student film in the front parking lot of a strip club in Winston-Salem. i had been cast as a 1970s news anchor. (more…)

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the ex, her son, and our photo album

the following is fiction. fiction — though rarely factual — is often True. "oh... hi." "hi!" the next thing was a pause. i know it was probably only a split-second, but it felt like an

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