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May 22


we are all so grateful for the fantastic response to the teaser… we suspect around 150 people have seen it already within its first full day of being online, and people are still checking it out today.  we appreciate all the good feedback from everyone. your interactivity is very encouraging to us, please know that.

if you enjoyed the teaser, please RT on twitter, Share on Facebook, or simply pass the link on to people you think may enjoy it as well!

May 20

i haven’t posted anything in a while*, but hopefully this post will be worth it!

the first two scenes of Sleepwalking are available to whet your appetite, so check it out over at!  the full film will be available June 1st.  as we wrap up visual effects, score, and sound design, i can’t help but feel a little excited.  it’s been a while before i’ve unleashed something this personal before the world, and i’m really happy that others are going to get to see it.

which leads to the question… what comes next?  God only knows, but i’m certainly open to suggestions!  got any?  leave them in the comments below…

* – i have lots of posts in various stages of completion saved in draft, some just waiting to be cleaned up… expect to see more in the next few days…

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