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let me be your wild

legend has it that during the silent film era, the great creators like Laurel & Hardy employed a “Wild Man” on set. this Wild was part or the writing team (think comedy rooms like The Simpsons or SNL). his main job was to sit around on set most of the day until he was called upon by the rest of the team, usually when the plot got stuck, monotonous, or stale. he would interject some unlikely thing, surprising everyone, breaking the rest of the team out of the rut. production would continue, and the Wild would kick his feet up, pour another glass of sherry, and relax until called upon again.

“Laurel and Hardy must deliver a piano… now what?”
“it’s a tree house!”
“they finally cross the narrow rope bridge and get to the tree house… who’s inside?”
“a gorilla!”

many companies are great at building and maintaining an internal culture, but often have trouble translating that to those outside the walls of their organization — a big problem, if you’re trying to advertise, fundraise, or recruit. those outside your group don’t speak your lingo, don’t understand your values, and haven’t invested the time and care that you have in the area you specialize in. their attention is a precious commodity, and you’ll have to communicate in clear and surprising ways if you want to draw them closer.

let me be your Wild.

let me listen to your corporate culture. then, as a creative mediator, i’ll help you break your story out of the confines of your business and into the wilderness of customers, clients, and donors. you can rent me by the hour or the day, but the what we do page details some basic packages. if you don’t yet have a video marketing plan for 2018, let me guide you in putting one together. go to the contact page, and get in touch. together, we can put together a plan that’s true to you and an invitation to the world.


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