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sunday morning

for two months, i devoted most of my waking hours to thinking about, shooting, writing, planning, editing, or watching the following project, commissioned of me by the church i attend, North Boulevard church of Christ.

our family at North Boulevard is embarking upon a new journey. though it may seem big or vague or different, it is in reality just another day within a long history of a moving, growing, breathing, alive Church.

our hope with the 2020 Vision at North Boulevard is that we may spark a spiritual awakening in our community, region, nation, and world. we hope the things we pray about today will bless generations long after our evening has come.

please take the time to read through the full credits on the Vimeo site. this film only exists because of the open hearts, minds, and homes of the people of North Boulevard.

however, i want to say thank you to three people in particular — three people without whom i can’t imagine having made this film.

  • thank you to Joey Robertson, who, as always, is glad to help out, no matter the hour, pay, or situation. (“hey, Joey, want to go stand in some zebra dung?” “yeah, sure. what time?”)
  • thank you to Renee Sproles who helped my left brain so my right brain could flourish.
  • and thank you to Joe Wakham, whose belief in me was largely a leap of faith. everyone should have a friend who helps them become who they are.

to learn more about the 2020 Vision at North Boulevard, please visit nb2020vision.com, expertly designed by Jeff McKeand. pray with us for 40 days. read about our hope for the future. join us as we mature as disciples of Jesus Christ.

every sunrise is precious.




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  • Renee | 13.02.15

    The vision and artistry in your film is matched by your skill with the written word. You caught the vision before most anyone else and translated it for each of us in a way that inspires us to a greater work beyond ourselves. Well done!

  • susan | 13.02.16

    God bless North Boulevard through this work, Paul. Beautiful piece.

  • skidmore | 13.02.18

    thank you, ladies.

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