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“I Am Number Four” uses iPads for production

Hollywood is realizing what I’ve been saying for a while now. the success of iPad combined with the iPhone finally being available on Verizon will give iOS a huge foundation as a first arriver in even the LA film business.

[via TUAW] (thanks, Stephen & Joey)


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  • David | 11.02.19

    Totally agree with you Paul.

    This break through approach to the tablet form factor, and specifically the iPad reflects it’s versatility. It’s like reams of blank digital paper waiting to be crafted for your specific needs. It is also a digital version of a mechanical blank waiting to become a “digital machine”.

    It can be a script notebook, a storyboard notebook, a clapper, a lens calculator, the ASC Manual, a sketch pad, a research tool and so much more. What would take a giant canister and shelves upon shelves is all encapsulated in your hand. That is kinda mind blowing. What filmmaker wouldn’t want to be able to have all that in the grasp of one hand?

  • skidmore | 11.02.20

    most of the film production uses for iPad are users going “hey, i could do this with it…”

    we have not even begun to see good solid production development for it yet. we are just starting to see people dabble in these areas. in five years, it’s going to be a whole different protocol.

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