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the future of Blu-Ray?

John August correctly predicts the near-future, i think:

“Remember the showdown between HD-DVD and Blu-ray? Streaming won.”

and from the comments:

“I bought a Blu-Ray player at Wal-Mart during “Black Friday” in 2009 (I should say that my wife bought it while I was sleeping at home), and I use it relatively frequently. I didn’t have an upscaling DVD player, and this model does that, too, so it was worth the money I spent on it.

I do have a few Blu-Rays that I’ve purchased (maybe 20), and I rent Blu-Rays through Netflix even though it costs extra.

But he’s right that the commercials/trailers are frequently harder to skip through than with DVDs and do take longer to load (and it’s not just my player because DVDs load much quicker on the same player). It also seems to be hit-and-miss whether the Blu-Ray will pick up where you left off if you stop watching in the middle.

And I do use my AppleTV a lot more often.”


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