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teaching and tech workshop (GR, MI)

i have a very exciting opportunity coming up next month. it’s something that you have a chance to experience one way or another.

Compass Film Academy has invited me to Grand Rapids for a weekend in october.  thursday, october 14, i’m doing a two-hour session for students of the school. i’ll be speaking some about the relationship between film and faith, giving a short primer on parabolos portable production, and walking the students through production of a scene from Sleepwalking.

saturday, october 16, i’m giving a two-hour workshop for the local film community about parabolos portable production. the two-hour time frame will give me the opportunity to demonstrate some processes, talk about the future, and then let attendees have some hands-on time with the devices. we’re in talks with a valuable third party; if they’re able to commit, i’ll post about that separately.  if you live in the Grand Rapids area, click here to get a ticket. only $12! ($15 at the door.)

also on saturday, i’ll be participating in the 24-Hour Film Festival‘s showcase. the showcase will feature the projects shot the previous weekend, with all creative elements originated within the 24-hour window of the contest. the festival-style screening will be judged live, “American Idol” style. no word on if Paula Abdul will make an appearance.

other speaking/teaching engagements are in the works for that weekend, so it looks to be a busy weekend.

if you’re not in the Grand Rapids area, what does this mean for you? mainly, i wanted you to know that i do this sort of thing. i really love speaking/teaching, second only to filmmaking. if you would like for me to come and speak to your film program about parabolos portable production, film & faith, or just filmmaking in general, contact me with details.

if you’re a filmmaker or business owner that thinks you can benefit from the portable production technologies we’ve been using, contact me for a consulting appointment. i can help you streamline your pre-production, production, and post-production workflows based on your technology and budget.

and finally, if you’re a film student, never hesitate to contact me with questions. my contact information is all in the top-right section of any page of my blog.



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