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wrapped! (for now)

principal photography wrapped last night for Sleepwalking.  i feel really good about everything.  i haven’t looked at any dailies yet, but saw most everything over Dan Baker‘s shoulder, and it looked so much like it did in my head.  it was such a great feeling to see these dreamy vision type ideas come out of my head, into Dan’s and the rest of the crew’s, and out onto the screen.

i don’t have time to do a full wrap up just now; the parabolos production core (john boggs, amanda gibson, jessica powers, and myself) are headed to Brother Juniper’s for breakfast.  we’ll decompress a bit, i’m sure, but mainly we’ll eat delicious food and get our caffeine boost for the day before jessica and i head back to the house to clean up.  we wrapped most everything last night, but there’s still a few things remaining.

this is the first production in a while that i kinda hate that it’s over.  i had a lot of fun, learned a ton, and hope everyone else can say the same.  more later…



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  • Robin | 10.03.06

    Way to go Paul and team! Can’t wait to see the footage and/or finished product

  • skidmore | 10.03.07

    thanks for coming and helping out for a bit! i should have something to show when i come out to LA in a few weeks!

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