paul skidmore andparabolos

cinematic storytelling, design, and advice

base services

we can help you make in-house decisions that attract a distracted audience while saving you from on-going production costs. sessions start at $150, and the initial assessment is free to you, so you have nothing to lose.
you may be pushing your message out rather than drawing your audience in. let us help you connect in a meaningful and emotional way, cutting through the low-quality noise of today’s online climate. our simple two-day session arms your team with killer strategies and resources that will last you for months. starting at $1500, this pays for itself in as little as one new client. with a free initial assessment, you can’t afford not to.
help your audience imagine the higher ground. when they are partners with you, everyone wins. beauty captures the eyes, and story leads hearts to act. we can help you tell your story with strength, boldness, and beauty. packages start at $10,000 for a 3-5 minute piece, but the possibilities are limitless.

the team

paul skidmore & william cavataio

paul and william have a combined 40 years experience producing high-quality visual stories that entertain, communicate, and convict. working together for over 12 years — with paul as a producer/director and william as editor/designer/vfx — we’ve amassed a healthy portfolio of short films, fundraising videos, marketing concepts, and more.

let us do the heavy lifting creatively (what we do best) so you can focus on serving your clients and customers (what you do best).