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Feb 28

many of you are aware that i often write articles for Macgasm. for many of my app reviews, features on Apple hardware and software, and thoughts on the future of tech, i often post on Joshua Schnell’s respected blog instead of here, since his readership is basically more in a day than i get in a year. Josh is kind to indulge. plus, it leaves me free to use this space to think purely about film technique and process.

if you’re at all interested in Apple stuff, and you’d like to hear our snarky opinions on everything (WHO WOULDN’T?!), give a few clicks.  the comments are often where it’s at, so read and participate.

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you can find any of my Macgasm articles at

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Feb 11

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the last film I produced and directed was made on a shoe-string budget. as with any independent production, we had to find the balance between professional quality and cost-efficiency. unfortunately, the first place most independent productions skimp is with audio. this is a compromise we weren’t willing to make.

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