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Feb 28

many of you are aware that i often write articles for Macgasm. for many of my app reviews, features on Apple hardware and software, and thoughts on the future of tech, i often post on Joshua Schnell’s respected blog instead of here, since his readership is basically more in a day than i get in a year. Josh is kind to indulge. plus, it leaves me free to use this space to think purely about film technique and process.

if you’re at all interested in Apple stuff, and you’d like to hear our snarky opinions on everything (WHO WOULDN’T?!), give a few clicks.  the comments are often where it’s at, so read and participate.

a few shortcuts

you can find any of my Macgasm articles at

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Jul 31

if you’re interested.

the speculation: Thoughts on iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, and the Future

the reaction: Beyond the Specs: Reactions to Final Cut X

the reflection: Final Cut Pro X: Our two editors spill the beans.

big ups to Josh for letting me be a part of the team.


UPDATE 2012.02.27 – two more:

the 10.0.3 update: The naked truth…

what FCPX may reveal about Apple’s plans for OS X: I’ve seen the future…


and a bonus, kinda related: Avid Studio for iPad…


and you can always read any of my articles by going to

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Apr 10

just posted one of the longest articles I’ve ever written over at macgasm. while you’re waiting on info about the new Final Cut to trickle in this week, give it a read and let me know your thoughts.

big thanks to Joshua Schnell, editor-in-chief of for giving my article a spot in front of his readers.

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Feb 23

the Internets lit up today with picture leaks showing the specs of the new 13″ MBP. it features Intel’s newest Sandy Bridge processors and a snappy new graphics card. ditching the 320m means the Final Cut Suite comes in full to the 13″, if you like tiny tiny workspaces for video editing.

UPDATE: actually, after really going over the specs, the new Intel HD 3000 still uses shared memory, so i’m guessing the MBP is still crippled (i.e., little Motion, no Color). so… i guess nevermind on that one. sorry (post title/permalink updated as well).

UPDATE 2: according to this article (via daring fireball), Thunderbolt uses PCI Express, which iOS devices do not currently use, so I’m probably wrong on that as well (read on below if you want to see my nutcase prediction/hope anyway). we’ll see if there’s anything interesting atop the iPad 2 in less than a week!

but perhaps the most interesting addition is that of Thunderbolt, Apple’s company lingo for Intel’s Light Peak technology (daring fireball links one and two). more interesting is the fact that it seems to be interchangeable with the newer mini-display ports on the latest gen MacBook Pros and iMacs. if you’re like me, you’d never heard of Light Peak, much less Thunderbolt, until the last week or so (or today, if you’re EXACTLY like me, God help you). Intel has been working on it for a few years, apparently.
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Oct 20

well, the first question is, why would you want to? but i’ll answer that in a minute.

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