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Jun 25

i directed this short film last fall. we premiered in Nashville this past spring to a great audience. now the film is available to view online. i’ll write more about it soon, but for now, find 15 minutes to carve out to watch “Love is Alive”, written by then-15-year-old Jessica Polk.

Love Is Alive from Bella Veritas Productions on Vimeo.


please share this film with someone whose life needs a little magic.


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to learn more about the ICiT program, visit the ICiT website or the ICiT Facebook page.

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Feb 19

Hollywood is realizing what I’ve been saying for a while now. the success of iPad combined with the iPhone finally being available on Verizon will give iOS a huge foundation as a first arriver in even the LA film business.

[via TUAW] (thanks, Stephen & Joey)

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Oct 20

well, the first question is, why would you want to? but i’ll answer that in a minute.

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Aug 07

this post is the answer to a question asked by Michael Woodard on an earlier post, and i thought the answer might be of use to others as well. be aware that this comparison is strictly my own opinion, and i would be delighted to hear from others that see things differently.
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Feb 03

over the next few weeks, i’ll be doing a series on parabolos portable production.  the past few films i’ve worked on have allowed me to realize the possibility of modern technology to really revolutionize the way parabolos (my film production company) does film production.  the change is huge whether i’m approaching it as a director, a producer, or a 1st AD.

with the proliferation of smartphones, laptops, new devices like netbooks & the iPad, and ever expanding, ever faster Internet connections, film production has the potential to be more simple, streamlined, economical, and portable than ever.  while many filmmakers are already harnessing this power on their own, i’ve had some great trial-by-fire experience and developed some workflows that others may find useful.  i am sharing them here as i feel that, while content must be secured and kept secret as a precious, intimate commodity, process must be shared if we are going to advance the artform and develop it artistically.

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