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Mar 10

psalm 23

comforting. peaceful. serene.

psalm 39

lost. distraught. pleading.

two different scenes. two different attitudes. two different tones. two different emotions.

one author. David.


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Mar 15

everyone’s seen the David. it graces the covers of books, postcards, and aprons. it’s been copied at varying sizes since it was first sculpted. it’s a seminal piece of art history, and it currently stands in the center of the Accademia Galleria in Florence, Italy, preserved for every tourist to come and surreptitiously snap pictures with their cellphones while loud, angry Italian museum guards yell unintelligible curses at our smiling, faux-na├»ve faces.

to see it in person is really something else.

i was in Europe in the summer of 2008. in Italy, i was completely by myself in Florence for about 8 days, doing research for a screenplay i was working on at the time. i did very few touristy things, but seeing the David before i left was a must.

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