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i realize that there are other great smartphones out there. i don’t use them. sorry. here are some iPhone/iPad apps. (there are also some other great touchscreen tablets… wait, no. there aren’t.)

fyi, app title links go to the iTunes app store. developer names link to the developers’ respective websites.



Black Mana Studios

the one thing i said i’d never use my iPhone for would be writing screenplays. boy, was i wrong. for some time, i preferred using Screenplay on my phone to do revisions over toting my laptop around everywhere. solid app, very easy to use, very happy with it, but haven’t seen an update in a long time. the UI is considered clunky by some, but i like it okay, and the supposedly more efficient UIs of other script apps aren’t enough to make me leave the solidity of Screenplay for the iPhone. there is still no iPad version, and there are other better programs for iPad that take advantage of the newer screen size and form factor.

Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite

Quickoffice, Inc.

create, edit, and view microsoft office files on your iPhone. a steal at any price. it includes  iDisk and Dropbox access as well as the ability to save attachments from email onto your phone for offline viewing and editing. the iPad version has a UI that takes advantage of the iPad’s larger screen size. now that i have my iPad, i use iWork for iPad almost exclusively (since that’s what i use on my Mac). but it’s still a well-designed program.



the doddle service provides access to film commissions and production directories throughout the US and even the UK. the doddle Pro app offers a digital call sheet solution that is pretty neat. there is also a free (ad-supported) doddle app without the pro tools, and a premium (non-ad) version as well. check out my more detailed review over at macgasm.

Easy Release

Application Gap

fill out an sign releases on iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, then e-mail PDFs to necessary parties. includes pre-written releases which you can customize, or add your own. check out my more detailed review over at macgasm.


Artemis Director’s Viewfinder

Chemical Wedding

forget dropping a few hundred bucks on a viewfinder to hang around your neck. buy a scarf, beret, and this iPhone app instead, then pocket the rest. for more information about the app, check out my more detailed review over at macgasm.

Artemis Remote for iPad

Chemical Wedding

allows an iPad user to see what an iPhone running Artemis Director’s Viewfinder on the same network is seeing. take pictures and change some settings remotely. for more information about the app, check out my more detailed review over at macgasm.


Audiofile Engineering

line-in field recorder for iOS devices. works great with iRig for on-set production audio. see how we used it to record all the audio for “Time to Pass.”


Air Video


stream video from your desktop to your iOS devices over wifi, remote wifi, and even 3G. see my extensive blog post here about how i use Air Video to watch my DVD collection from anywhere i have an Internet connection. app is for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. don’t want to drop the chump change for the small price of this useful app? try the free version.

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