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all downloads are free to use, free to distribute.  if you find them useful, please share with others by directing them here.  check back for updates, or follow me on twitter.

Dropbox folder system v1.0 (20100202)

this .zip file contains a folder structure i’ve developed over years of film production.  basically, it mimics what used to be my binder.  you may want to lay it out differently, but i’ve found it to be very useful.  as i keep developing it in real-world production environments, i will update it.

don’t have Dropbox? get it here!

2000 Cavalier (with bad muffler)

this 77MB .zip file contains pretty much every common sound (inside and out) made by Joey Robertson’s 2000 Chevy Cavalier, which suffered from some heinous muffler issues. this download is made free, in honor of the Cav, since the car suffered a fiery demise. sounds are audio-slated and are 44.1kHz mono.

the director’s worksheet

this small (66k) .zip file contains instructions and samples. for details, see the post.

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