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Aug 29

i’m listening to a gentleman play “Piano Man” on an acoustic guitar.

story is NOT everything.

Apr 30

“the more you noodle this over, the more meaningless this seemingly thoughtful gesture becomes.”

Jeff Jensen,


(h/t Kevin Mathis and Plugged-In)

Mar 01

the producer? the writer? the director?

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Feb 06

from the Fonz literally jumping the shark on that fateful episode of Happy Days to Barry Zuckerkorn’s subtle homage on Arrested Development, television viewers have discussed the concept now known as “jumping the shark”.

it’s the point where a TV show, in an attempt to do something bold and fresh (usually out of an apparent lack of burgeoning creativity) reaches so far as to do something silly, ludicrous — alienating viewers in the process. the attempt is bold new ground. the result is the beginning of the end.

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Nov 17

hulu plus moves out of preview mode and becomes a fully-offered service with an announcement of a rate DEcrease from $9.99/mo to $7.99/mo.  as if that weren’t good news enough, to thank preview members, they are crediting them back $2/mo for every month they’ve been a member, with an extra $2 credit to make up for the free 1-week preview all of us previewers missed. hooray! also added is a referral program where current subscribers can get up to 20 free weeks by referring friends (2 weeks per friend) to hulu plus (UM MY REFERRAL CODE IS BELOW KTHX).

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