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Apr 30

just did a guest teaching spot at Biola… Jack Hafer invited me to talk to his Media Ethics class, only about two-thirds of which are film majors. even though the majority of what I discussed with them was specific to film, I hope the non-film majors weren’t bored to tears and found something useful amidst my barrage of dense technobabble…

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Apr 28

last night i had the incredible honor of being invited to come and guest teach a class at USC’s School for the Cinematic Arts. my good friend and colleague Jim O’Keeffe teaches one of the first-year undergrad production sections, and wanted me to share with his class about some of the emerging technology stuff i’ve been prattling on about. i found some public parking near campus and dodged all the cyclists on my way to the new $178m facilities. the new George Lucas building is gorgeous, like something out of an Indiana Jones movie.

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Mar 20

hey LA! i’m headed your way!

alert Roscoe’s, Amoeba, In-N-Out, and the Arclight Theater. oh heck, alert Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, too. let’s face it, i’m totally going.

i’ll be arriving april 27 and heading straight to USC to meet up with my good friend Jim O’Keeffe. i’m starting off my two-week stay by teaching a hands-on workshop to first-year undergrad students about portable production stuff.

then, may 1, i’ll be doing a workshop at the Biola Media Conference (, also about portable production. if you’re in the area and can come, please do! it would be great to see some familiar faces!

I won’t be getting back on a plane (voluntarily) until may 10, so let’s have an old-fashioned NCSA cookout or grab coffee and spend time together!

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