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new 13″ MBP *still can’t* run full FCP Suite, iPad 2 may have Thunderbolt?

the Internets lit up today with picture leaks showing the specs of the new 13" MBP. it features Intel's newest Sandy Bridge processors and a snappy new graphics card. ditching the 320m means the Final

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“I Am Number Four” uses iPads for production

Hollywood is realizing what I've been saying for a while now. the success of iPad combined with the iPhone finally being available on Verizon will give iOS a huge foundation as a first arriver in

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Canon 5D vs. 7D for filmmakers: what is full-frame, really?

i hadn't done the math, but my buddy David Briggs has. he explains why the 7D is actually better than the 5D mkII for filmmakers looking to recreate the motion picture film experience. (more…)

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short film audio recorded entirely with iPhone 4

*** be sure and check the bottom of the post for a special bonus! *** the last film I produced and directed was made on a shoe-string budget. as with any independent production, we had

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