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digital meeting etiquette

Ben Brooks breaks down some excellent thoughts over at the Brooks Review about meetings in today's digital age, particularly with regard to using iPad. (more…)

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on 3D

author's note: i spent several hours writing and shaping the below, only to have this article circulate the Internet literally hours after stepping away from the keyboard: Walter Murch to Roger Ebert regarding 3D. quite

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app reviews on

thanks to my buddy, Stephen, I recently got the opportunity to do app reviews for macgasm is weblog about Apple news, products, and apps. Stephen is a Senior Contributor and Joshua Schnell is the

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Air Video for iOS: part i – watch DVDs remotely

as money from various projects trickles in, i am constantly tweaking and adding to my home tech setup. the latest setup allows me to view my DVD collection over wifi in my home, over remote

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videophile pro tip: disable iOS’s YouTube app

YouTube's web app is superior to the iOS YouTube app. on my iPhone 4 and iPad, i've disabled the iOS app, opting to use the web app instead. instructions on how to do this are

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Chrome to drop h.264 support

I think Chairman Gruber asks the right questions, namely: "5. Who is happy about this?" (more…)

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the future of Blu-Ray?

John August correctly predicts the near-future, i think: "Remember the showdown between HD-DVD and Blu-ray? Streaming won." (more…)

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