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teaching and tech workshop (GR, MI)

i have a very exciting opportunity coming up next month. it's something that you have a chance to experience one way or another. (more…)

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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab will be iPad’s first real competitor

see the commercial here. looks fun! the connectivity will be a huge plus for buyers, if the price point is good. my friend Stephen Hackett over at forkbombr links to some great info on the

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hulu plus on iPad needs work. (update: and gets some!)

i was really stoked when hulu plus was announced. hulu was really the only video the iPad was missing for me, as everything else i watched had either created an app (e.g., ABC, Netflix) or

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Apple TV will be a hobby for a while.

Apple unveiled its new iPod lineup today, and Steve's "one more thing" was a long-awaited refresh of Apple TV. while quite a few people seem to be excited about this tiny, sleek new incarnation of

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