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if you’re a creative, read this: right vs. left… which are you?

don't worry, this isn't about politics.  it's about your brain. anyone's brain really.  first, stop reading this post, fix some tea or coffee and sit and read the following articles for the next few minutes,

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Open or closed: as mobile dominates, does malware propagate? and what does this mean for pants?

i have envisioned the phone as a credit card for some time now.  VISA (and others) have an RFID-enabled keychain fob that works as a proximity wand.  putting an RFID into a phone that can

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i met Rachel Taylor shortly after she moved back to Memphis through a mutual connection. we talked film for a bit, and a few months later she was helping us out on Sleepwalking as our

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iPhone vs. iPod Touch, iPad WiFi vs. iPad 3G

this post is the answer to a question asked by Michael Woodard on an earlier post, and i thought the answer might be of use to others as well. be aware that this comparison is

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hello again! (and wedding bells!)

greetings and salutations! it's been a while since posting, but there's a lot on the horizon. I can't wait to share a lot of it with you. the past few months have seen some high

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