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Biola Media Conference

i'd say most people currently reading my blog already know this, but i'll be doing a workshop tomorrow (may 1st) at the Biola Media Conference! i'm really excited, and honored and humbled to be listed

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USC students’ final projects

had the pleasure of enjoying end-of-the-semester taco night at the O'Keeffe's!  Dave Spring from Doorpost joined me, and we got to see the final cuts of their class projects.  it was really neat to see

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guest teaching at Biola

just did a guest teaching spot at Biola... Jack Hafer invited me to talk to his Media Ethics class, only about two-thirds of which are film majors. even though the majority of what I discussed

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Kevin Kelly on the next 5,000 days of the Web

my friend Travis Beacham once said, and i'm paraphrasing, "at some point Google stops being a company, and becomes something that we don't even have a word for yet." i'm not sure if that was

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the sky is falling on indie film

or so says Mark Gill, CEO of The Film Department (and former President of Miramax Films). this insightful article really hits some key points right on the nose. (more…)

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guest teaching at USC

last night i had the incredible honor of being invited to come and guest teach a class at USC's School for the Cinematic Arts. my good friend and colleague Jim O'Keeffe teaches one of the

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visual effects: Exodus 19

here's a little video i made for Memphis Harding Academy.  it's based on Exodus 19.  they ran it as a loop for an experiential worship station at their winter retreat. desktop users, double-click to play/pause.

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